Navigating between Vaadin and non-Vaadin apps.

We have a scenario where we navigate from non-Vaadin app to Vaadin app.
From nonVaadin App navigate to Vaadin app (Note: URL is changed).
Now when click on back button I can go to the nonVaadin app I came from.
Question is can I go back (typically calling browser back function) using vaadin framework? like click a button and go back without clicking browser back button. Plain go back fundtion. No serverside call.

Thanks in advance.


You could execute the following JavaScript:

window.history.back(); -Olli

Sure… I was wondering if Vaadin has any API for it. Like get the window instance from the page or component and use goback method from the vaadin window component. Thanks for the reply though.

I was able to get this useing the line below:
Page.getCurrent().getJavaScript().execute(“window.history.back()”); But not sure if Vaadin has any… Thanks Olli