In existing combobox feature in vaadin7 though after selecting option,user can give inputs.I don’t want this feature.So instead I tried using native select.But i am not satisified with the component shape of nativeselect component.Can you please reply me with the CSS for Nativeselect component to make component border curved like combobox.


Please someone do reply,

For the combobox i think there is just a background image with rounded corners while the component is still rectangular.
Nonetheless here is some information on rounded borders:

You can also use ComboBox.setTextInputAllowed(false) to disable the input and only allow selection from the drop down menu.

Thanku so much Jouni for your valid response,but if I use ComboBox.setTextInputAllowed(false) for combobox then I wont be able to make use autofiltering
feature i.e.
, which is there in vaadin for combobox.

Hi Marius Thanks for ua valid input.But i tried using this CSS for native select but its not working.