NativeSelect doesn't look like ComboBox

I have a form with multiple comboboxes, however some of them have static content (such as Gender/Family Status etc) so ComboBox is kind of ‘too much’, plus I don’t need the features there. So I was thinking of using the Native Select which looks and feels faster and lighter. However, I’ve seen that the theme is not the same as the ComboBox and creates a ‘weird’ look in the form…
Is there a way to have the NativeSelect exactly like combobox (theme-wise) or is there a limitation that prevents that?


p.s. Vaadin 7.3.0 - Valo Theme/Facebook style…

NativeSelect, is as the name suggest, a native HTML component, meaning, the look and feel of it comes from the browser/OS. You can do some limited stylings on it using CSS, but I doubt you can make it look like the ComboBox.

On a DOM level, the ComboBox is just a bunch of DIV-elements which allows us to have full control over how it looks like and do more complex stylings. The NativeSelect is probably faster than ComboBox, but I’d say that the difference is quite insignificant and won’t make much of a difference.

Feature-wise, you could limit the functionality of a ComboBox to behave more like a NativeSelect, for example, by disallowing filtering.

True, and this is exactly what if done so far, but it would be nice if there was a ‘style’ you could set to nativeselect in order to look like combobox, since it’s basically the same application, so different look and feel for the same ‘feature’ (consider the final user) would be better…
anyhow, thanks! :slight_smile: