Dear Vaadiners,

I have recently uploaded an add-on to the Vaadin. The main purpose of this add-on is to make the process of small size and somehow middle size web application development even simpler and faster. There have been two local projects done with the help of this add-on. As I am new to Vaadin I am sure you have better ideas and solutions. Therefor it is of most appreciation if you can:

1- Give your ideas about the add-on
2- Help me to develop the new features and new ideas to it

I would be happy if anyone is interested in the developing of MyTableGenerator add-on.

The add-on link:


Hi Mohammad
This add-on looks great! few questions:

  • Can I use listener of the table to customize specific requirements ?
  • Is it possible currently or jabe Feature request or :
  • addfing forign key is possible e.g. view/select department name in employee table?
  • parent -child tables?