My Posts: Sorry, something seems to be wrong with our database

Starting yesterday, every time i’m try to access My Posts it’s giving me the scary red notification “Sorry, something seems to be wrong with our database :(”.
At first i thought it happens due to some temporary maintenance/update but since i’m still having this problem (also having logged out and back in several times) without anything changed i decided to post this thread as i couldn’t find any similar ones targeting this issue.

Is this problem really because of some maintenance and as a result will be fixed soon or does it need some special action/support to resolve it. Also, i would like to hear if i’m currently the only one having this issues?


At least it works for me, listing 2000+ threads that I have written to.

The best person to look into this is on vacation, so it would be interesting to know if this is a larger problem that requires immediate action.
Is anybody else experiencing the problem?

I don’t think it’s related to the amount of entries as i should only have around 70 entries in the My Posts - Section.
I think it might be caused by some illegal characters in the database produced by a corruption of an entry which causes the Select to fail (…because i think this error pops up when there is an sql exception).

It’s not a serious problem for me which would need an immediate fix. I just wanted to notify you in case it might have consequences which affect other users or the stability of the database. I can wait for a resolution :slight_smile:

The error started popping up after the server or at least my connection to it had some problems and was not available for a few minutes. So i think the corrupted entry idea of mine might be possible.

I’m also intrigued to see if there are others having the same issue as i couldn’t find anyone reporting a similar case when i looked through some threads after it happened to me.

PS: Additional Information: I just tried to open My Posts using the old forum and i didn’t get an Error but the List was not displayed.

I don’t have this issue ( also only about 70 posts ).
Must be specific with one of the OP’s threads…

Looks like that’s actually the case here and one or multiple threads in the My Posts Section got corrupted.

I guess i have to wait until a Forum-Admin is back from vacation and finds the time to look into this problem.

Should i do something else then just waiting like file some sort of ticket, write an email or something similar?

I sent a message to him, I hope it does not get buried under the many others he’ll have waiting at that time.

Thank you very much, Henri.

I just noticed that this thread,
no UI provider returned a ui for the request when Session Expired
, is only available in the old forum.
Maybe it’s the corrupted one.

Looking forward to getting my My Posts - Section back :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

Not wanting to stress but i want to ask when i could roughly expect something to happen as it start to really getting kind of obnoxious to follow all my threads without My Posts.
I just want to ask because as you said the message you sent him may get buried.
If that person is still on vacation that’s totally fine, i can wait, but at least i then had an update on the situation.

Best Regards,

Update: Today when i tested it again i was able to load a 52 posts but then i got constantly bombarded by “Sorry something seems to be wrong…”-Notifications while the rest of the post said “Loading Post…”.

In the old forum the first two pages display correctly but the next one isn’t (with pagelength 20)

So i’m guessing it’s my 53rd post which is bugged now.