Multiuser and Vaadin

Last two weeks I made a very nice Vaadin client gui for my Integration server.
It is working great and I am very happy. But I discovered a strange problem.

When I open two browsers and go to the same gui I get an security error.
Is it not possible to connect multiple times to the same vaadin application?

I did an test with two different computers.
This is also not working correct.

My gui connects to an integration database. The connection details I store in a class.

When I connect via an other computer to the gui and login and use a different integration database the
same user class is filled with the user details. So it overwrite the user data of the first login.

This is very strange. How can I solve this?
My app is a multi user and as it is now it is only possible to use one user.


Well, without knowing your code, this question is impossible to answer. Of course Vaadin-applications are accessible by multiple users at the same time - we are talking here about a web-framework. Maybe you have used static variables in places where you should not.

For a better guess, you will have to post some code or relevant screenshots / stacktraces.

I made my user class static. I think this is the reason…

Let me think how I can use the info in this class in several java classes.


Static was the key word here.

I made a few changes to the code and now it is working correctly.

Thanks for the key word :slight_smile:


Unless your program does something particularly novel, or uses a particularly novel technique it is somewhat unlikely that people will take time to look at it. Every single person of the several hundred programmers interacting in the Vaadin forums had a “first vaadin program” – there would not be any time left to discuss anything else.