Multitabbing, pages and login

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding multitabbing, pages and login.

I am creating a Vaadin application which requires a user to log in first. When logged in correctly, a mainwindow is created with a horizontalsplitpanel.

On the left part, a menu is shown where the user can choose which application to start. When an internal application is started, it’s panel is shown on the right part of the screen. Users can start multiple applications, but only 1 can be the current visible.

What I would like now, is support for multitabbing. When a users opens a new tab in his browser, the login page is shown again. The applications started in this tab are completely separated from the ones in the first tab.

I played with Navigator from Joonas and Navigator7 from John Rizzo, but I can’t get the thing to work correctly.

I have a VaadinApplication class and a MainWindow which is the mainwindow of the application and handles the login. I also have a MainLayout which defines the layout with the splitpanes and handles the switching between applications.

VaadinApplication extends Application, MainWindow is a Window and MainLayout is a Panel.

Currently I’m working with a overridden getWindow(String name), but it isn’t without problems.

Can somebody help me?

Solved, the window.closelistener seems to make the application unstable in my case. :*)