multiple tabs and Chrome

hyvää päivää,

I’m having issues with multiple tabs in Chrome. I’ve found the standard recipe at, and that all works fine when accessed from firefox and IE.

However it seems that Chrome treats all tabs as new windows (fair enough), but gets mixed up when routing servlet requests to them.

Open first tab

  • vaadin calls init() on application@XXX, creates new Window@XXX2 with name “1”
    Open second tab
  • vaadin calls init() on application@YYY, creates new Window@YYY2 with name “1”
    Hit button on second tab
  • click event called against application YYY, window YYY2
    Hit button on first tab
  • click event called against application YYY, window YYY2 - (seems to be routed to wrong window), and I get the out-of-sync message

I’m prepared to believe this is a bug in chrome, but has anyone else seen this behaviour?

The plot thickens…

If I use the chrome browser to access the multitabcalc example at , it works fine. The second tab appears with a suffix like “/1_1”, and I can operate both independently.

If I copy the source of multiTabCalc from, and deploy it myself, the chrome browser does not work - there is no suffix and hence the servlet request gets routed to the wrong application instance.

I guess that means it’s a deployment issue?
I’m running tomcat 7, vaadin 6.7.3.

I guess I’ll go and hunt for esoteric tomcat settings… comments or suggestions appreciated…