Multiple sessions per browser?

Is it possible to configure a Vaadin Flow application such that each browser tab gets its own session? I’ve tried disabling cookies in the web app, but Vaadin won’t even run that way.
This is mostly an issue of our users forgetting that they have a tab open, opening another one, and then switching back to the first tab only to find the application no longer works.

It’s technically possible, but highly discouraged. If you wanna support your users, show a notification that a tab is already present, when they open another tab of your application by e.g, counting the active UIs within your Session.

Update on this one: I think multiple tabs are supported by Vaadin. We were having problems due to an applicatoin design issue. It turns out that we didn’t fully appreciate the difference between a VaadinSession and a UI. One VaadinSession may contain multiple UI’s. This was a problem for us because we were managing some objects as session-scoped that are actually UI-scoped. Once we corrected this, multiple tabs started working. This only applies if all tabs are tied to the same user session. Multiple tabs as different users are still not supported.