Multiple sessions on same computer

Hello all,

I have a question related to opening multiple sessions (= multiple browser windows) of a vaadin application. Currently the behaviour is that after approx. 5 windows the pages are not loaded/loaded completly (the loading bar on top of the browser window is shown the whole time). After I close some browser windows, the reamining are loaded… If I wait some time, I will receive a session timeout.

Interessing is that the issue comes up after opening six pages in Chrome. But it is sill possible to open five pages in Firefox. By opening another page in firefox I will get the same issue. The status bar in Chrome says something like “wait for an available socket…”

By the way… It is a Sprint Boot application.

Is this related, because of opening the browser on the same computer or should this not have any influence? If yes, what is the reason for it?

Thanks in advance!

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Maybe the problem is not related to Vaadin:

Is this right?

So it seems that no issue comes up if 50 different computer opens the webpage?