Multiple jar occurrences - How to exclude a provided Vaadin jar...?

\u0000Hi all. When running a JUnit5 test with Spring Boot, I am getting the following warning:\n\n\n13:41:33.031 WARN [main] org.springframework.boot.test.json.DuplicateJsonObjectContextCustomizerFactory$DuplicateJsonObjectContextCustomizer:\n\nFound multiple occurrences of org.json.JSONObject on the class path:\n\n\tjar:file:/Users/mark/.m2/repository/org/json/json/20190722/json-20190722.jar!/org/json/JSONObject.class\n\tjar:file:/Users/mark/.m2/repository/com/vaadin/external/google/android-json/0.0.20131108.vaadin1/android-json-0.0.20131108.vaadin1.jar!/org/json/JSONObject.class\n\nYou may wish to exclude one of them to ensure predictable runtime behavior\n\n\nI’ve checked and the JSON jar that ships Vaadin contains less classes than I need, so I would like to exclude that, in favour of the later version. Fingers need to be crossed that using a newer version does not break anything in Vaadin, but I am willing to see how far I’ll get with that. \n\nIs there a recommended way to limited the scope of the Vaadin-provided JSON jar, so I can use the newer one in the rest of my application…?\n\nOr does someone have other thoughts…? \n\n\uD83D\uDE4F\uD83C\uDFFB\n

I’ve excluded the undesired dependency like this:


I noted I had to do this both for the main vaadin-bom, as for org.skyscreamer:jsonassert, which for some strange reason also linked to the Vaadin-supplied android-json version.