Multiple Items in ComboBox

Is it possible to include checkboxes in a ComboBox, so that the user can choose multiple items and doesn’t have to open the ComboBox again? Or maybe just being able to choose the item and the list does not close?

You mean something like the

Okay so can I just after the valueChangeListener instantly clear the selected Value? I am just using the values to add them in my grid and don’t need to display them in the box. Is the list still opened if i call the clear method?

Never had this use case, try it out :wink:

Okay thanks, but in general it is not possible to just leave the list opened after something has been chosen in a normal comboBox?

It’s not impossible I guess, but you have to fiddle with the inner JS workings of the combo box to archive this

If you want a pop-up that doesn’t close, maybe try creating a Dialog instead?