Multiple HTTP requests from the browser

I have deployed a portlet built using Vaadin on Websphere Portal. Before rendering the UI, some initialization of beans is required to be made by using REST call.

My main Application class also implements
because I need access to the HTTP Request objects to do SSO with backend REST servers.

When I turn on Firebug and notice the traffic, I see multiple calls being made from the client side. Even for the initialization step, a request seems to be made from the browser.

Ideally, all the initialization should be done on the server side. How can I make sure that the initialization happens on the server?

With the Web 2.0 theme of Websphere Portal, once a response is retrieved, the browser stops rendering. As a result, as soon as initialization is complete, the rendering of the portlet stops and all I see is a window and nothing else.
However, without the Web 2.0 theme and Client side aggregation, the portlet renders correctly.

Basically, is it even possible in Vaadin to render the whole portlet with just one HTTP request/response without the filter being called more than once?


I have followed the following link

Is there a way to combine the HTML page load with AJAX calls? This will make only one HTTP request and allow the Vaadin Portlet to coexist with the Web 2.0 theme.

With the Web 2.0 theme, the second set of [Start of Request … End of Request]
is not even logged out…

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