Multiple components in table cell or increment/decrement

Hi fellow vaadiners

I have a table where the user should be able to increment/decrement the integer value in the table cells.

Vaadin does not have one of those widgets right? The ones that usually looks like a textField with two arrows on the right hand side pointing up and down.

So, I decided to use a ColumnGenerator to insert a label and two buttons in the same cell, only to notice the return type is Component. Hence only one widget/component is allowed in any cell right? Is there another way? Or do I have to make a custom component to accomplish such a common requirement?

I also tried using Slider, but since the data is integer while slider requires double, it was a pain to customize.

There is such a component in the
as an add-on named

If you do want to build more complex content in table cells, you should wrap it in a CustomComponent (server-side composition of components) or a Layout. You would want to do this anyway to have control over the table cell content layout.