Multiple components in Dialog Header

Hello, I would like to use the new Dialog Header and Footer feature from Vaadin 23.1. Is it possible to use the header component with a close button in the top right corner and some additional components which are below the title bar? So in the example I would like to stretch the tab bar to use the whole width (100% does not work)

And the tabs should be in the header and not in the dialog content, because I don’t want them to be included in the scrollable content

The title is always next to any other header content, but you can omit the built-in title and create it yourself in e.g. a VerticalLayout with an H2 component for the title above and the Tabs below

Alternatively, you can modify the header layout with CSS:

vaadin-dialog::part(header) {
  flex-direction: column;  // make it vertical
  align-items: stretch;  // make both elements take the full width
  gap: 0; // remove the spacing between them if you like