Multiple browser tabs

I see lots of comments on how to support multiple browser tabs in Vaadin, but all of them at at least over a year old, and most are about 3 or more years old. What is the best way to solve this issue?

In my use case, we have the following scenarios:

  1. It could be that a user signs in on one tab with one user, but another tab with another user
  2. Same user wants two tabs so he can do different things in both tabs. In this case, it actually needs to have a different connect to a backend process ( ideally )
  3. If he logs in both times, logging out of one tab logs out of both tabs. Or, conversely, one tab talks to the backend of the other tab.

I see
this documentation
, but do not know how outdated it is. Is this still a good way to do things? Would it solve at least some of the issues I describe above?

Update: Just read the documentation mentioned about again, and realized that definitely does NOT apply to me - it is for Vaadin 6, and I am using Vaadin 7.