Multi window application


For long time I can’t force my Vaadin application to works as multi-window application (1 browser, many application windows (the same URL)) but I couldn’t achieve that. I already wrote one post (
) but it looks like I found a bug in Opera instead of getting answer from other fellows :slight_smile: My previous post (
) unfortunately doesn’t work as I want to.

But reding the forum I found that this public site uses
Vaadin. Also many same-URL windows works ok (no synchronization error).

So now, when I see that this
possible, my question is: how to achieve this kind of functionality?
For my application it’s quite crucial.

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Take a look of
Navigator add-on

Thank You for the response.

Navigator solution - as I see from source code - uses a trick that in fact one browser window refers to exactly one Vaadin window and handling multiple windows is done within this Vaadin window by views. Is there any solution that uses “one to one” relation: one browser window = one [Navigator’s]
view = one Vaadin

If I am not clear I can explain it more :slight_smile:

Override getWindow() in your application, something like

    public Window getWindow(String name) {
        Window w = super.getWindow(name);
        if (w == null) {
                w = new MyFooBarWindow();
        return w;

Book of Vaadin also contains more on the subject.

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I already did that -
- and it doesn’t work :frowning: You can compare code snippet there with Your proposal of getWindow method.