Multi-user Controlling ??

Hi all,

i am new at Vaadin but i can handle most of components

There is a situaton that i couldn’t handle . I have a application which provides that 7 users can login and use this app at the same time.

i dont use the Vaadin LoginForm component, i added new window with textboxes and button for user login and I did use “int userID” to keep userID. Program is going with this “userID”.

Naturally it works for one user, but more than one user program is locking…

How can i control these 7 users ?

Can anyone explain this user control issue step by step ?

Thanks lot…

hi kanka,I have this program too and i need to find solution for this immediately if you find any answer for this please away me !

Are you two working on a homework assignment of some sort? :slight_smile:

I think we would need a lot more information about what you’re trying to do and what’s going wrong, but since it works for one user and not more than one, I’ll hazard a guess: are you using any static variables? If so, don’t.