Multi select does not work in Table after ItemSetChange event


We are using Vaadin 6.7.
We have found a bug with multi select ability in Table.
The case:

  1. Load data in table
  2. Select some line (e.g. line 5)
  3. Page down 1-2 pages.
  4. Add record to dataset - ItemSetChange event occured. (or some other change)
  5. Press a Shift key and click on line - multi select the lines.
  6. Scroll the table to start - there will be selected all lines from first line.

We have investigated the problem, and found, than ItemSetChange event forces itemIdMapper.removeAll() call. So, itemIdMapper will not contain the first selected item key. But Table.handleSelectedItem method uses the map to get first selected item:

Object startItemId = itemIdMapper.get(split[0]

Because item not found all items from start of table will be selected.

Is there any workaround for the problem?

I’m not sure, but it might be that any add operation to the table is designed to clear the selection. To be sure, could you please create a ticket at
about the issue?

There is a similar issue in Vaadin tracker
I’ll chek on the latest Vaadin 6.x version first.