Multi node (name) search in Neo4j cypherQuery

I want to search names of multi nodes in a single cyperQuery in .NET,multi nodes are like(node “d” for Domain,node “r” for Role,node “re” for Responsibility) which are in the START clause of the cypherQuerh,below included single cypherQuery which I am using is not working.

START r=node:node_auto_index(""name:(*{0}*)""),re=node:node_auto_index(""name:(*{0}*)""),d=node:node_auto_index(""name:(*{0}*)"")
MATCH (o:Origin{name:{OriginatedFromOrigin}})<-[:ORIGINATED_FROM]
RETURN ID(r) AS RID, AS RName, ID(re) AS ResID,rel.weightinrole AS WeightInRole,
rel.percenttimeinrole AS PercentTimeInRole, AS ResName, re.description AS ResDesc,
ID(resOriginatedFromOrigin) AS ResOriginatedFromOriginID, AS ResOriginatedFromOrigi

Any help will be appreciated