Moving from Discord to

Hi all!

I’m pleased to announce that we finished migrating from our Discord channels to - Discussion about Vaadin Flow and Hilla.. We are now running on the Discourse platform (oh yes, the naming of these systems…).

To help you continue where you left off, we closed the text channels in Discord and migrated the posts from ‘vaadin-flow’ and ‘hilla’ and ‘vaadin-8-and-prior’ to - Discussion about Vaadin Flow and Hilla.. Take a moment to look around.

Sadly, we couldn’t migrate the user accounts. However, we can manually migrate accounts if you have a lot of history in Discord and wish to associate it with your account. DM us if you want to migrate your Discord and accounts.

Happy discussions!

(Edit: here is the announcement blog post: Announcing the new Vaadin Forum | Vaadin )


There was a ton of great and inspirational discussions on i-made-this and web-components (mostly Flow users asking for help with components). Would be great to have those here.

And DM to you, feel free to migrate my history so it would be easier to find recent threads.

We were unable to migrate the i-made-this channel as it wasn’t a “forum channel”, meaning there were no threads that would map to topics here. We’ll need to figure out how we can get more of those kinds of posts here too

Just to the general as such would be better than nothing :man_shrugging:

The icon needs some love :wink:

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Haha. Yes. There’s seemingly infinite things you can configure in Discourse and we’re constantly finding new things. It might take us a few days to sort out everything. Thanks for the heads-up!

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So far so good ! Some feedback:

Can the compose message box be made to not overlap the post i’m reacting to?

This thing keeps popping up:

By default the message preview pane is on, maybe it should not be:

Thank you for taking the time to report these!

We have many smaller CSS issues, but these seem to be more about general UX and we might be able to configure some things.

Anyway, let us know and we’ll keep improving the forum :+1:

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Another thing, consider this thread Crud UI Add-on that got updated recently. It takes forever to scroll to the end. In this case it would be better to have a button that jumps to the last message, or be able to see messages in reverse order (personally my preference).

I’ll take a look to see if Discourse has that functionality. In the meantime, you can drag the timeline slider to the bottom to scroll faster.

oh wow i had not noticed that slider at all, that’s perfectly adequate as well !


congratulations, looking forward for more amazing improvements.