moving from 1.0 to 2.0


i have an existing app deployed on GAE as

So, i m interested to try out Vaadin to convert it to a 2.0 app.

I have gone through a bit of tutorial etc and now the very first doubt is:

How to design the home page of my site in Vaadin? Specifically do i need to design it from scratch using Vaadin layout and other components?

Is it possible to keep this page as it is like a static html and plugging in the Vaadin components for the links like join us (top left) whcih current takes to a jsp page and used for subscribing to mailing list.

In GWT i kinda could do that by having the index.html (my home page) as hosted page. and on the join us link i had a module loaded which on click showed a popup with the form to subscribe.


I would keep most of the web-site static/jsp and only use Vaadin for the interactive parts. You can embed Vaadin applications to any web-page. See

Thankx for the useful pointer…

Here is a doubt:

Till now i have the default genereated app using Vaadin in eclipse.

Now to try out the embedding I created a new page named index.html in the war folder.

But when i run it, it still opens the default code hello Vaadin user.

Why so? when i type http://localhost:4208/Sakshumweb2.0/index.html shouldn’t it open the index.html which i created?

Your web.xml probably has all requests directed to the Vaadin servlet.

You need to exclude the index.html path from being forwarded to the servlet.