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How can I fire MouseOver events over buttons and layouts?

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If you have some complex logic in your mind to be attached to those events - then your only choice is to go to the client side. In case you just want to have some style effects - you might consider utilizing the :hover pseudo-class of CSS.

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Do you know if there is a listener that handles MouseOver events such as the ClickListener for clicks in buttons?

        button.addListener(new Button.ClickListener() {
            public void buttonClick(ClickEvent event) {
                button.setCaption ("Clicked!");            

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There are currently no such listeners. It is too big overhead to send the event to the server on every mouse in/out. But as I said, it should be pretty simple to make it yourself by extending the client side of the components. All you want to do is to force the widget to listen for the mouse in/out events with e.g.:

DOM.sinkEvents(someElement, Event.ONMOUSEOVER | Event.ONMOUSEOUT);

And then you should override the onBrowserEvent method, e.g:

    public void onBrowserEvent(Event event) {
        int eventKeyInt = event.getTypeInt();
        if (event.getEventTarget().cast() == someElement) {
            if (eventKeyInt == Event.ONMOUSEOVER || eventKeyInt == Event.ONMOUSEOUT) {
                client.updateVariable(....., true);

And the server side counterpart will get the notification.

Maybe it is very stupid question but where I need to add this:

DOM.sinkEvents(someElement, Event.ONMOUSEOVER | Event.ONMOUSEOUT);

in vaadin where i wite the above,in which class i add the code and what is DOM.sinkEvents(someElement, Event.ONMOUSEOVER | Event.ONMOUSEOUT); and which class should i inherit for implement onBrowserEvent().

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You need to put it as said by Alexander in a class compiled to the client side using a custom widgetset. Your best bet would probably a Client side component extension:
Creating a component extension
where you can get the client side connector and then the widget of the button in the Extension-Connector. To read more about client side development read the rest of the wiki and the corresponding pages in the book of vaadin.

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