Mouse Wheel Focus on Error Notification

In some of my application’s error notifications there is a list so long that a user has to scroll vertically.

The problem is that the only way to scroll is to use the mouse on the vertical slider, which is not accessible for disabled users. If I view Chrome Developer Tools >> Event Listeners >> Mousewheel >> Toggle Passive, then the scrollwheel works.

Does anyone know how make the scroll wheel active by default in Notification pop-ups?

Thanks in advance!


What is the component you are using for popup? Or is it Notification?
A code snippet with reproductin steps would help.

I’m unable to reproduce this with a Mac, also what kind of device you are using/browser/operating system?

The default type in Notification is Warning, and notifications under that type disappear when there is Mousewheel activty. The easy solution your problem is to use another Notification.Type.