mouse scroll wheel in Combobox


Is there a way to use the mouse scroll wheel in the combobox?
I have a large list of items and clicking the small arrows is a bit tedious, using the scoll wheel would be nice.


Yes, it would be nice, but not currently available.

Just paging using the scroll wheel should be simpler to implement than lazy-loading scrolling that
was discussed before
. This has also been
proposed for Vaadin 7

I’m incountering an issue with Vaadin 7.2.0, the mouse scroll wheel works well for scrolling within a ComboBox control in all browsers except IE11. Is this a known issue?

create a ticket
about this.

There is a ticket here:
The title seems to fit perfect but the description does not. I checked out for example.

In Firefox this example works perfectly. In Internet Explorer 11 I only can scroll up. I have to scroll down by the tiny arrow.
I think that’s pretty huge because with the new valo theme the scroll up and down arrows are quite tiny and this leads to a quite poor user experience.

Hmmm, no answer. So the mouse wheel scrolling may just be broken :frowning:

I don’t see the fix in 7.4.1. Desparately waiting !!!