Mouse over hand icon missing


I have a menu with a button as a menu item. I use to setIcon() to add image on button. I also refer to the CSS example provided in the ‘Images and Icons tutorial’ (

Then I create a my custom theme and set the default theme in style.css with reindeer.

@import url(../reindeer/styles.css);

The ui display correctly but the hand icon when the mouse over the icon(button) is missing. How to make it visible?


By default the Reindeer theme does not show the hand cursor to any buttons (except link style buttons).

You can add them with CSS:

.v-button {
   cursor: pointer;

That will add then to all buttons. Or you can just target some buttons with a new style name:

// Java

// CSS
.v-button-with-hand {
   cursor: pointer;

Now I can see the hand cursor over the button image.