Modular Applications with OSGi and Vaadin Webinar

Join Florian Pirchner and Sami Ekblad from Vaadin on how to build modular applications with Vaadin and OSGi. Learn how to get started and the philosophy in OSGi in this concise webinar.

Part two of the webinar on OSGi and Vaadin airs today Thursday at 2PM CET.


Post your questions and comments below. Thank you!

Vaadin add-ons naturally need to be osgi bundles, what kind of tips you have for Vaadin add-on developers who are not familiar with OSGI to make their add-ons OSGI compatible?

Vaadin add-ons also often contain the client side (GWT) code, which most often is not relevant for the OSGI stuff. Does it disturb OSGI functionality if that stuff is inside the same package structure?

Liferay v7 will be based on OSGi. Will it be possible to develop portlets in Vaadin with OSGi for Liferay?

Is there already sample code that could show what way to go?

It’s possible to run osgi in a standard spring vaadin web application without bundling the equinx servlet.
Would like to extends an existing application … and search a spring-osgi bridge.


what can you say about persistency (JPA/EclipseLink) in OSGi?

What is the best way to create and manage the persistency contexts in different bundles?

Hi there!
Which is the preferred solution: Using OSGi inside a Servlet container or using HTTP service on an OSGI container?


Thanks everyone for joining the OSGi webinar and special thanks to Florian for a very good introduction.
I hope we covered most of the questions, but if you have any questions left just ask here :slight_smile:

Hi Vaadiners,
I developed an Issue Tracking System using Vaadin 6 and OSGi enterprise spec starting from this example, it works greatfully, my problem is how can i migrate to Vaadin 7 and which WebApplication Server can i use to deploy my App because it’s still running on embedded Jetty (for test)

Hi. Please take a look on

Oh, and if you have any questions regarding the example, ask them here. I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible.