ModalWindow color in Chameleon Theme

hai all,

I am trying to change the ModalWindow outer header color and content color by using the following one, and in my application I am using Chameleon Theme.

/* Yellow window header */
.v-app .v-window-yellowsub .v-window-outerheader {


/* Blue window caption text */
.v-app .v-window-yellowsub .v-window-header {
color: Red;

/* Pale yellow window contents /
.v-app .v-window-yellowsub .v-window-contents {
background: #ffffc0; /
Pale yellow */


Window modalWindow=new Window(“Modal Window”);



But my modalwindow doesn’t change anything…if anyone knows…please give me a solution.

The problem is that Vaadin sub-windows (modal or not) are not added inside the .v-app element. They’re added directly inside the body element, and that’s why you’re selectors aren’t working.

Substitute ‘.v-app’ for ‘body’ (for example), that should work.

Thank you, Jouni .

Now it works fine.