Modal Window losing focus

Good Morning,
We have a query window which spawns a WorkerThread to fetch results. The issue I’m running into is when this worker thread retrieves 0 results. There is a modal window that will appear showing a message with no results. Focus will hit this window, then lose it right away returning to the search window. If I hit enter (with the modal still appearing) the search is reran laying a second modal window. This time, focus has transferred to a modal which I can hit enter to close, then enter again to close the other modal window. I think I’m missing something simple. Here is the code snippets:

} else if (rows.getItemIds().size() == 0) {
CelUiHelper.showNotification( "Info", "No results matched your criteria.", Notification.Type.WARNING_MESSAGE );

The showNotification is as follows

CelNotificationDialog celNotificationDialog = new CelNotificationDialog(caption,message,notificationType); UI.getCurrent().addWindow(celNotificationDialog);

We’re currently running Vaadin 7.7.10. I’ve added a focusListener to the NotificationDialog and confirmed that focus does transfer. I’ve also added bringToFront and tested UI.getCurrent().focus(), but these gave worse results.

Thanks for your help,