Modal dialog (TPT) doesn't work


In my application, I have following piece of code:

import eu.livotov.tpt.TPTApplication;
import eu.livotov.tpt.gui.dialogs.OptionDialog;
import eu.livotov.tpt.i18n.TM;


final OptionDialog dialog = new OptionDialog(
dialog.showErrorMessage("Task", TM.get("taskeditingpanel.20-combobox-effort"), true);

It displays an error message under certain conditions (in a modal dialog box). Those classes are located in the TPT 1.1.1 library ( ).

It worked perfectly until last week. Now it doesn’t (return value TPTApplication.getCurrentApplication() is not null) and the only thing that comes to my mind was the upgrade from an old Vaadin version to 6.5.6 and today to 6.5.7.

Can this be the cause for OptionDialog not working any more?

Thanks in advance