Is it possible to utilize Vaadin in a mobile phone application?

To my findings, vaadin apps works fine in iPhone and Android phones. Sure, you’ll need to adjust your UI to make the webapp more usable on a phone small screen, but generally, it works.

It would be nice if there was a mobile/iPhone approved theme that shipped with Vaadin. :slight_smile:

Yeah, generally it works on modern smartphones (iPhones, Nokias etc), but since the components are not specifically made for mobiles, it might not be very usable out-of-the-box. Though with some careful selection of components and theming, one should be able to make a decent app.
(Hint: there is room for a mobile widgetset in the incubator… :wink:

An example of components not working so great: although Table works on the iPhone, you have to scroll using a two-finger-swipe - a gesture not very many are aware about.

Also, the Nokia browser (at least the touch-screen version, as seen on the 5800) does not trigger mousedown/up/click properly, causing problems in some instances.

More gotchas like these almost certainly exist.

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It would not be nice, it would be great :) Contributions are welcome…