Mobile camera access with Vaadin 8


I need to allow users of my Vaadin application to take pictures with their phone/tablet and upload the picture to the server.
What is the best way to do this in Vaadin as of Vaadin 8?

I do not want to use the community version of TouchKit for Vaadin 8 until it is clear if that project has a proper future.

There is a camera add-on for Vaadin but it is for Vaadin 7.

We are currently trying ourselves to build an add-on that uses PhoneGap/Cordova to provide camera access but not having lots of success.

Seems like support for this in Vaadin is a bit “up in the air”.

Can the Vaadin gurus here suggest what is the best way to go with this?
Or will I have to write the mobile version of my app with some other framework?

Thanks in advance!

Hordur Thordarson
EFLA consulting engineers

My two cents: Cordova is the way to go. That functionality not really related to TouchKit, but instead you can have a TouchKit app use the camera like you describe if you use Cordova as well. Taking pictures with Cordova in a Vaadin app is completely doable (I’ve seen it in a few projects), but there’s no explicit documentation for how to create such a project that I know of.