missing source to build Vaadin

from the vaadin download, it appears that there is a customised version (or perhaps just embedded in some way) of org.apache.commons.fileupload

however: the source files are not present in the available .jar file, it seems.

please advise as to how this is to be obtained.

I want to compile from source.

thank you!

It is definitely a bug in our packaging system. Added

The source files are available at from our SVN at

As I see it, the ZIP package is not really meant for building Vaadin, either (even though it might be possible to do so) - it is more for demos and testing out Vaadin. Personally, I always only take the JAR to use Vaadin and check out from SVN to build Vaadin.

Furthermore, I would recommend against building a full customized version of Vaadin based on the full sources: unless you manage all your changes cleanly as a patch only and your build system simply applies the patch, it can get very hard to upgrade when new upstream changes are available. Instead, I would suggest having the standard Vaadin JAR and only the modified source files in your own parallel source tree (with package and class names matching those from Vaadin). Then put your own “vaadin customizations” tree before the JAR on your source and class paths. That way, you can also easily diff your modified source files against the sources in the JAR to know exactly what changes to port when upgrading.

Anyway, the external fileupload library dependencies have been removed in the Vaadin 6.5 branch, as they are no longer necessary - the build/external directory is now empty. Vaadin 6.4 still uses the (customized) library.

Joonas and Henri,

Thank You to both of you!

you guys are the first to reply to any of my few posts, and I do appreciate it.

Thank you for the info.

I would really like not to have to resort to source, but, I find I’m having to to try and figure out an issue with the ComboBox embedded in a Table that’s being fed by the LazyQueryContainer add-on that’s not persisting changes to the selected choice back to the database.

I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it yet… hence the source being needed.

best regards,