Missing artifact org.eclipse.persistence:eclipselink:jar:2.2.0

Hi! Trying to learn the Book of Vaadin. Have the following errors when performing tests in Roo Shell (tutorial from Chapter 12, steps completed: Roo project creation in STS, installation of Roo Vaadin plugin - doesn’t install w/o errors - addon finder used instead, then creation of entities and dependencies in Roo, and finally - ‘perform tests’ command in Roo):
Missing artifact org.eclipse.persistence:eclipselink:jar:2.2.0
Missing artifact org.eclipse.persistence:javax.persistence:jar:2.0.3

I am using: IDE STS, Ubuntu 11, Spring Roo + Vaadin addon for Roo + Vaadin add-on in STS.

Spring Roo works fine - I completed a very similar tutorial on Roo (http://static.springsource.org/spring-roo/reference/html/beginning.html), thanx to problems with Vaadin tutorial, without significant problems, both in STS and from terminal (roo.sh). It seems that problem is somewhere in Vaadin. Could you help, please.

Roo 1.1.5 uses http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/pub/mirrors/eclipse/rt/eclipselink/maven.repo as repository for EclipseLink. This results in a 404.

Fixed with roo 1.2, which changes the repo to http://download.eclipse.org/rt/eclipselink/maven.repo .

The workaround to this bug is to manually set the correct repo URL in your project’s POM…