Minimal Libraries needed

i want to create vaadin project with maven but without arquetype. In addition i want to develop a app in the server side so i don’t need a custom widgetset ( i used the buid-in). Also i want to use CDI Injection.

Viewing the vaadin libraries

Is it enough to add as dependencies the next libraries?

  • vaadin - server (main library)
  • vaadin - client - compiled (to use widgetset build-in)
  • vaadin - themes (to use build-in themes)
  • vaadin-cdi (to use vaadin cdi injection)
  • cdi-api (to use cdi)
  • javax-servlet-api (to use servlets)

looking for arquetype blank i see also:

  • vaadin-push (it doesn’t say anything in the doc)
  • vaadin - client (i think i don’t need that because i want only the server side framework)

Why is the purpose of vaadin-push?
Is it true that i don’t need vaadin - client?

Hi José, please find documentation about the use of the various libraries here:

In short, you will NOT need vaadin-client.

Most likely, you will not need vaadin-push either: check your code for @Push annotations.
This is to support server push, e.g. letting the server update the client (browser) side even
when the client is NOT initiating a round-trip (when pushing a button: client sends → server
answers → client updates).


You can most often also exclude a lot of stuff from transitive dependencies, like the sass compiler. See this example for some inspiration:


Thanks Enver,
I’d seen the doc (i d put the same link). ther was’nt any information abaout vaadin-push.
Thanks for the explanation about vaadin-push.

Thanks Matti for the link.
I needed sass compiler to use then and the compilation on fly.


Hi José,

I did realize the info about vaadin-push was missing – added it and sent a pull request so that after review it will appear where it belongs. Thanks for pointing it out though.