Mingled user interface in my Vaadin application on Google AppEngine


I made a quick test in deploying a Vaadin application on Google AppEngine; the application works well but the user interface is mingled. I use a TabSheet component with only one tag.
See the application here:
to understand what I mean.

I use Vaadin 6.4.5 and GAE SDK 1.2.5.

Any idea about this problem?

Thank you!


I don’t see any problem with recent versions of Chrome, IE8 and Firefox (apart from it raining in Juan-les-Pins).

Can you be more specific about the problem? With which browser are you seeing it?

Thank you for your response,

I attached a screenshot of the application under Chrome 7.0.x; what version of Chrome do you have?
It looks well on FireFox 3.6.x.



Works well at least on Chrome 8.0.552.200 (beta channel).

What you are seeing looks very much like a browser cache issue, try clearing your Chrome cache and reloading the page. Maybe you have had there a theme from some earlier Vaadin version, and GAE does not correctly communicate expiration timestamp for it or something like that, so Chrome is using the old version.

Thank you,

It was well a problem of the browser cache ; my application looks well now in Chrome 7.