Migration from vaadin 8 to vaadin 23

Can someone help me how to migrate from 8 to 23 vaadin. Is there anyone that already made this work ?

It has been done of course, but I’m not sure if there’s a specific guide from V8 to V23.
You might want to combine tips from V8 to V14 guide and V14 to V23 guide.
V8 to V14:

V14 to V23

There has been many applications that have been migrated from Vaadin 8 to Vaadin 23 or 24, and many such projects are currently ongoing.

The fact is that each case have their unique characteristics because Vaadin 8 applications vary quite a lot. The dependendencies are not the same, there are different backend technologies used, different custom components, add-ons and other extras. Also the architectures of the Vaadin 8 vary. So each case require analysis before applying right migration strategy.

We have done many such analysis to our customers, it is a commercial service.

We have plenty of tooling that can make migration easier. Most of that is commercial.

It might be surprising, but actually migration to Vaadin 23 or 24 has become easier over the time. We have added more API to these that match better the Vaadin 8. Good example is that Chart component in Vaadin 14 lacked Java API for styling, but it has been brought back in Vaadin 23. There are plenty of small detail here and there done too.

But it is not a case of just changing the version of Vaadin dependency. There will be definitely need for refactoring the code. Also the visual look and feel of the new components are different. That means that you should not aim for pixel perfect technical update, but facelift of the application at the same time.

Vaadin 23/24 has also plenty of new features and improvements. While you are facelifting the application, you should take advantage of those. I.e. do small improvements here and there with these new features instead of replicating faithfully your Vaadin 8 logic.

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