Migration from vaadin 7.0.x to 7.1.x - problem with component size

Hi all,

I am using maven in my projects and 2 days ago I’ve updated my vaadin version from 7.0.5 to 7.1.11. In all my component I specify component size (width, height) in percentage (%). I dont know why, now (after rebuild all project and recompile widgetset) all component are smaller than before and everything looks ugly :frowning: For expample all tables which with was specified in % now almost no show :confused: I’ve tried many options but nothing has helped :confused: Please help me! And sorry for my bad english.

Best regards!

That seems really strange. Could you post a screenshot of the small components?

I have the same problem


Add “?debug” to your URL and click the “Analyze layouts” button in the debug window. That might reveal some layout problems such as intermediate layouts with wrong size settings that happened to work anyway in 7.0 but not in 7.1.

I Add “?debug” to my URL ,and find when my Component use setWidth(percent),setHeight(percent),setSizeFull,the actual Width,Height is 0 pixel