Migration from hilla 2.4 to 2.5 fails

I just changed hilla (lit) version from 2.4.2 to 2.5.6 and frontend compilation says:

----------------- Frontend compiled successfully. -----------------

2024-01-17T13:13:24.457+05:00  INFO 2136 --- [v-server-output] c.v.b.devserver.DevServerOutputTracker   :
2024-01-17T13:13:24.457+05:00  INFO 2136 --- [onPool-worker-1] c.v.b.devserver.AbstractDevServerRunner  : Started Vite. Time: 4546ms
2024-01-17T13:13:24.457+05:00  INFO 2136 --- [v-server-output] c.v.b.devserver.DevServerOutputTracker   :   тЮЬ  Local:
2024-01-17T13:13:25.754+05:00  INFO 2136 --- [v-server-output] c.v.b.devserver.DevServerOutputTracker   : X [ERROR] Transforming JavaScript decorators to the configured target environment ("chrome87", "edge88", "es2020", "firefox78", "safari14" + 2 overrides) is not supported yet
2024-01-17T13:03:54.757+05:00  INFO 3920 --- [v-server-output] c.v.b.devserver.DevServerOutputTracker   :
2024-01-17T13:03:54.759+05:00  INFO 3920 --- [v-server-output] c.v.b.devserver.DevServerOutputTracker   :     node_modules/@vaadin-component-factory/vcf-nav/src/vcf-nav.ts:13:0:
2024-01-17T13:03:54.762+05:00  INFO 3920 --- [v-server-output] c.v.b.devserver.DevServerOutputTracker   :       13 тФВ @customElement('vcf-nav')

And when I try to go to login view I get

2024-01-17T13:06:10.230+05:00 ERROR 9724 --- [nio-8081-exec-1] c.vaadin.flow.server.StaticFileServer    : Unable to load /login from the frontend dev server: Connection refused: no further information

Any adeas how to fix it?

Just an idea: vcf-nav is no longer https://vaadin.com/docs/latest/components/side-nav

yes, looks like vcf-nav is not supported and should be changed to side-nav