Migration from framework 7 to framework 10

I’m trying to decide on framework 7 to framework 10 migration and could not find any sufficient documentation on it like they have for 7 to 8 [here]
(https://vaadin.com/docs/v8/framework/migration/migrating-to-vaadin8.html) .
I have few unanswered question. Should i migrate to 8 and then 10. is there a document that can help me with migration. is it really worth the migration.

Your question is not straight forward to answer, because the the right answer depends on the number of factors, i.e. your budget, target browsers, legacy dependencies, etc.

There is one chapter in documentation about migration


As you are now having Vaadin 7, that adds further step. I.e. there are major changes server side data binding between 7 and 8, and major changes in client side part of the stack between 8 and 10+, most notably component library is written from the scratch and is not drop in compatible with the old. Also, the theme system has been changed.

  • If your users are dependent on IE11 browser, that is better supported with Vaadin 8. Vaadin 10+ should perform better with modern browsers.

  • If you are using lot of custom components / add-ons in your project, you need to investigate if there are replacements to those available. If not, Vaadin 8 is easier path, or as another alternative you can use legacy components with Multi Platform Runtime product.

  • If you need one-to-one match in UI, there are only few deprecated components in Vaadin 8, and it has Valo theme (deprecated components and themes available via compatibility library)

  • If you plan to facelift the UI and theming as part of the project, Vaadin 10+ is more attractive option.