Migrating to 8: missing classes in compatibility packages?

I’ve just started migrating a sizeable app from v7 to v8. I’m using the compatibility packages. The compiler complains about not finding vaadin classes, this is normal, but if I change my imports, for instance
to com.vaadin.v7.ui.[class]

it does not always find them. Example: it does find Label (and netbeans reports it as deprecated), but does not find Component, AbstractLayout, Button… I checked and indeed vaadin-compatibility-server-8.0.2.jar does contain Label but not Component, etc.
I must be doing something stupid, could someone help?

You need both the normal jars (vaadin-server, vaadin-client,…) and the compatibility jars (vaadin-compatibility-server, vaadin-compatibility-client,…).

It won’t work with just the compatibility jars.

Yes, that does it. Thanks!

That is useful to know. When I read things, it was my impression that the compatibility libraries were the old and new together.

Are you using Maven or Ivy? We did upgrade to Ivy for V7, but we couldn’t even figure out how to create a new V8 project, or what exacty we need to change in the IVY and widgetset.xml files to get a working new version (after the packge includes are updated to reference v7 as needed). I find the migration doc confusing as it led me to believe that I either pick compantibility classes or regular, not both.

A clear example of the changes a typical, large, non-Maven Eclipse user must do would be awesome to help. Without it, we’ve just punted for our project and will stick with V7 as it works and won’t cost us untold hours/dollars/frustration.

I’m using gradle (and netbeans). All I had to do for the dependencies was to specify both versions, eg for server, both “vaadin-server” and “vaadin-compatibility-server”, etc. I also was led initially by the documentation to believe that only the latter was needed, but it may have had something to do with how maven does things (the compatibiliy poms seem to indicate that the compatibility packages depend on the regular (new) ones, but I don’t know much about maven).
I’m still going through the code to make required changes, it’s not compiling yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that widgetset compilation is going to go smoothly…
I will be away for a few days, back on Monday.