Migrating from Vaadin 7

hi there,
I developed a while ago an app for my company (small one) in Vaadin 6 and then migrated to 7.

Now after reading Vaadin7 will be discontinued will consider to move to a more recent version either of Vaadin or any other framework.

My question is, a fundamental point for us is to obtain sinergies for integrating our solutions for desktop and mobile devices. Back in the days I developed our solution, this wasn’t as relevant but today at least our app must be fully operative, or most of it, in mobile devices. I showed to our team some tests mix8ng Vaadin7 and an interesting addon called Vaadstrap which included some styling features in components to sort of combine the power of bootstrap and Vaadin obtaining a fair result.

Has any of the recent Vaadin versions included this support? I love Vaadin but need these capabilities to be in before undertaking the efforts to migrate our app

Thanks for taking the time to read me.


Hi Carlos,

I don’t have experience with Vaadin 7. Most of my experience is with Vaadin 8 (somewhat limited) and Vaadin 10/Flow (since February 2018).

In my experience it is super easy to create apps that work well on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile with Vaadin 10. I do not know if it supports Bootstrap, but I don’t really think you need it.

Vaadin 10 has a lot of the functionality you typically get from Bootstrap.