Migrate Struts 2 to Vaadin

Can you give me some advice. Our company has big application using Struts2, but now we want to move it from Struts2 to Vaadin. It would be nice not to rewrite the whole application immediately but replace separate parts for some time. Could you advise me how to do this transfer? Maybe it is possible to somehow automate this process?

I would recommend to do it piece by piece. Starting first from simple administrative views to gain experience in Vaadin and then move to more visible parts of the application. You could use the logic, menu and structure of the existing application and
start embedding views created with Vaadin to pages in the existing application

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Thank you for your quick answer! I also read post
vaadin app embedded in JSP in struts 2
, create similar test application but when I compile widgetset and deploy my application page always restarts. I’m trying to find my mistake.