Microsoft Edge & IE Subwindows do not close


In our Vaadin App (Currently running 7.6.8) modal sub-windows do not close in IE or Edge browsers. Work fine in other browsers.

The faded background behind the window disappears on clicking the X (Or on other window.close() event), And subsequently refreshing the page then shows it without the window (I have @PreserveOnRefresh active). But under normal circumstances, the window itself still remains on the screen. Items behind the window (If I drag and move it) are still visible.

There are no console errors.

Couldn’t find anything in the bug tracker.

Any ideas?


Can you reproduce the issue here?
If you can, then it’s a framework bug and you can report it here:

If not, then we’ll have to dig deeper :slight_smile:

Works fine there! Must be an issue on my end somewhere. No idea where to look and why it is just Microsoft family affected.

I suspect it may be theme related

Well, the sampler is running 7.6.4, so it might still be a framework bug. Any chance you can try that version?

If you add ?debug to your URL when opening the app, and test the window, do you get any error notifications?

I just tried a different theme and it is working. So it must be something I have done in the theme. 1000’s of lines!, Not sure where to start! I didn’t think the theme would affect the functionality though. Must have done it some how :slight_smile:

A theme should not affect that behaviour, since the window div element either is or is not in the DOM. That said, I really have no idea what’s happening, and unfortunately I don’t have a windows machine to test with here either =/

I’ll post here If I figure out what specifically in the theme is causing the issue. It is a rather complex theme though. But I can confirm that simply changing between 2 different custom themes we have triggers this behaviour. And the themes are not too different. So I’ll run a diff on them and narrow it down… but it may not be for a while. Internet Explorer and Edge are not high priority.

Yeah, plase do. Good luck with the hunt :slight_smile:

Hey, if anyone still have this problem, here’s how I solved it:
Theme minification was enabled with Yahoo yuicompressor v2.4.8.
I don’t have the problem with v2.4.7.