mgwt and vaadin


I’m quite new to developing with VAADIN but i was wondering if there has been some effort to integrate support for mobile GWT (MGWT).
if not i was wondering on a tutorial on how to do the integration with VAADIN.

Additionally adding phone gap support would be a real bonus to be able to to mobile apps development using the Vaadin methodology.



Vaadin TouchKit provides pretty similar UI components as MGWT project. You could check that out.

About PhoneGap: I haven’t tried, but there shouldn’t’ be anything preventing usage of phone gap for packaging Vaadin web apps. PhoneGaps “native features” would require some clue code that would expose the API to the Vaadin server side code. This option has been speculated by quite many users, but I don’t know if anybody has progressed on this issue. There is a gwt-phonegap project that would help quite much on this project.

Personally I think mobile platform developers (both Google and Apple) should really stop considering web apps as second class citizen. I believe that will inevitably be the future although the pioneer (WebOS) hasn’t succeeded that well. Apple had a promising start on this area when they first offered web apps as the only possible method for additional software. But since then there hasn’t been too much development on that area. I guess locking users in with native programs is good for their business. Better “home screen integration” would be the highest priority feature for Android (for iOS this works well) and then accessing contacts, camera etc.


Hi Matti,

Thanks for the information. Has anybody made any progress on gtw-phonegap and mgwt with Vaadin?