Menu calling classes, or view

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Dear today with the help of examples
build the menu, most unfortunately what the swing is quiet in vaadin’m picking up ugly, met along the way such a navigator and could not make it work then peopl who can assess what I did (better what I copied) and where I am going wrong .

Note. The menu is being rendered can not call the classes linked to the menu, does not give any error, do not simply nothing.

    protected void init(VaadinRequest request) {
        setLocale(new Locale("pt", "BR"));
        VerticalLayout layout = new VerticalLayout();
        // Mostrar uma view controlada pelo navigator
        Panel viewDisplay = new Panel();
        // Criar um navigator
        Navigator navigator = new Navigator(this, viewDisplay);
        //navigator.addView("beverages", new MyView("Beverages View"));
        //navigator.addView("snacks",    new MyView("Snacks View"));
        //navigator.addView("Serviços",  new MyView("Services View"));
        navigator.addView("Beverages", new Beverages()  ); 
        navigator.addView("Snacks", new Snacks()  ); 
        NavigableMenuBar menu = new NavigableMenuBar(navigator);
        layout.setExpandRatio(viewDisplay, 1.0f);
        menu.addView("Beverages", "Beverages", null);
        menu.addView("Snacks", "Snacks", null);

Robson - Brazil

menu.addView("Beverages", "Beverages", null); menu.addView("Snacks", "Snacks", null) instead of null (third parameter) pass an instance of Menu.Command class.

Hello Good morning!

Vikrant Thanks for the feedback. I will proceed as recommended and put the return.

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Vikrant Obrigado pelo retorno. Vou proceder como recomendado e posto o retorno.


I did not see how to proceed because the third parameter is an icon, menu is a NavigableMenuBar object

the example

class NavigableMenuBar extends MenuBar implements ViewChangeListener {
    HashMap<String,MenuItem> menuItems = new HashMap<String,MenuItem>();
    private Navigator navigator = null;
    public NavigableMenuBar(Navigator navigator) {
        this.navigator = navigator;
    MenuBar.Command mycommand = new MenuBar.Command() {

        public void menuSelected(MenuItem selectedItem) {
            String viewName = selectItem(selectedItem);
    public void addView(String viewName, String caption, Resource icon) {
        menuItems.put(viewName, addItem(caption, icon, mycommand));

Probably you could allow remote access to your computer, so that I could look into your code.


I can send you the zip project file.

now I’m at work and need to ask permission to access industry, I’m on lunch break that is the time I take to study Java, JSF, Vaadin

The project is small, only have 5 classes ie is equal to the example of vaadin the page with minor changes



You forgot to add the components in the Layout / View which is the Snacks and Beverages.

Você esqueceu de adicionar os componentes no Layout/View que é o Snacks e Beverages. &&



Dear Pedro okay? so I was thinking it would not receive another return, the error that is lacking I insert these two classes this information you provided, I will do as suggested and post the application behavior.

Hi Pedro!

It worked! Was 15 days with the problem and now worked and all because of a little more accurate your comment.

Well I confess that my Java is not there these things, but now I can go ahead and try to do some screens since the menu is running.

Thank you so much.

disponha (:
if you need support, you can contact me. I’m From Brazil too.

skype: gpedro842

This example works fine for single menu items. Can anybody post the same example with submenu please?

I’ve uploaded example on my github. Please checkout.