“Memory leak” with chart.js chart generating

I’m generating chart.js charts via java connector (syndybat/Chartjs-for-vaadin-10) packaging it in vaadin div element by the code written below

When user changes the day in datepicker I replace old div with charts to new div, but the old chart data remain in browser memory(in google dev instruments I see stable increasing in number of nodes and listeners).

So continuous regenerating charts results in memory leak on the client side

I’ve tried with vaadin 8.0, 8.8.5, 13(flow) and another chart add-ons - ApexCharts.js from vaadin directory with the same result

<------ chart.js wrapper ----->
public class Chart extends Component implements HasComponents {

    private @Getter @Setter ChartJs barChartJs;

    public Chart (TreeMap<BigDecimal, Point> barData, BigDecimal label) 

        barChartJs = new ChartJs(getChart(barData, label));

<---- adding/changing chart div ---->

Div vLayout2 = new Div();
vLayout2.add(new Chart(v.getBarData(), v.getLabel()));
this.replace(this.getComponentAt(1), vLayout2);

What I’m doing wrong? Please help

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