Memorize last table sort order


I have a table which is sortable by the user. Means: the user can click on the table header columns and can so change the sort order of the table rows.

I want to save the table sort order so that I can reuse it if the user reopens the table later. To do that I can read the current sort order by Table.getSortContainerPropertyId() and Table.isSortAscending(). The problem I have is that I cannot found any Listener Interface for informing me if the user has changed the sort order of th table rows. I can use the HeaderClickListener to inform me if the user has clicked a table header, but the sorting order I can read with the methods above is still the old sorting order (seems that the table sort will be changed AFTER the HeaderClickListener was called).

So my question is now: How can I detect if the user has changed the sort orde of the table?

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Reading the table sord order now in the detach() method of the table. This works for me. But it would be fine if there is a possibility to read the sort order in the moment if the user has change it …

You could reimplement the sort method of the

so that you could be aware of any sorting made by the user