Melodion: A light-weight Accordion alternative

Announcing the Melodion: A light-weight accordion menu, loosely based on com.vaadin.addon.chameleon.SidebarMenu and org.vaadin.jouni.animator.Disclosure.



Get Melodion from the Vaadin directory


Online Melodion demo



I tried out the demo and have to say it looks very good indeed! A minor detail which bugged me was that there was no visual indication on whether the items had something in their subpanel or not. Maybe there could be some kind of icon or other visual cue to indicate this?


Thanks for your suggestion! There actually is a
ticket for this
. I’ll add an option for it in the next release.

Hi, the addon seems nice but the maven pom has a problem, the dependency to Animator doesn’t work. When i added dependency to melodion in my pom, the animator library hasn’t been automaticaly added.

Sorry for my poor english, hope that’s clear.

Thanks for your work


Sir this add on i m looking for But with minor modifications.

if we click at first component it drop down but there is no mechanism for it to close up when re click over first item. i mean there is no option for manually close up the items.

side bar menu of this site

if you will add this feature it greatly enhance the usability.

I keep getting an error ‘org.vaadin.jouni.animator.AnimatorProxy(NO CLIENT IMPLEMENTATION FOUND)’ when I use the Melodion component. I made sure the widgetsets were compiled and added the following maven dependencies in my maven.xml. What am I missing?


I also have the same problem. I am sure that the widgetset has the implementation of AnimatorProxy but somehow it says it doesn’t.


I am using Vaadin 7.5, when I am trying with Melodion, I am getting an error
Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.vaadin.melodion.Melodion.setWidth(FI)V.
Could you please try to solve the issue?

The same problem: Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.vaadin.melodion.Melodion.setWidth(FI)V.

Any solution please!

Melodion was written for Vaadin 6. It tries to call AbstractComponentContainer.setWidth(float, int), but that method has been replaced in Vaadin 7 with AbstractComponentContainer.setWidth(float, com.vaadin.server.Sizeable.Unit). I’m not maintaining this add-on anymore, but you can go ahead and port it to Vaadin 7 yourself
by forking it on GitHub