Media request

I can’t understand why the media query is not applied to the element?

1 file is java, 2 styles.css

You are defining the initial values as style attribute - those have higher precedence than class names.

What exactly should I change, can you tell me?

Remove all calls to getStyle() and apply those in your css file.

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thank you very much}}{}{}{}{{}{

1 more question, how not to create 1 general request, I have, for example, 10 pages, but each page has its own media requests, and I don’t want to use 1 common one for (all cases), I still don’t understand how to split it correctly (if you know)

Having so many different media queries sounds wrong in my opinion - you either define Dem globally once and your layout aligns to them or you have to create different queries for each page (which I wouldn’t recommend). You can always split your css file if it gets too big and/or important specific css for specific pages